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North Korea accuses US of declaring war

German election: Merkel vows to win back right-wing voters

Iraqi Kurdistan votes in independence referendum

Trump NFL row: US president denies comments were race-related

First appearance together for Harry and Meghan Markle

Anthony Weiner jailed for 21 months for sexting underage girl

US government satellite image shows Puerto Rico blackout

UN accuses Russia of violating human rights in Crimea

Democrats open investigation into Jared Kushner's private emails

Model Chloe Ayling kidnap case a publicity stunt, court told

Is Bali volcano about to erupt?

Nigeria's Ogba Zoo attack: Three policemen killed

Poland President Andrzej Duda backtracks on appointing top judges

Canada groom saves child from drowning in river

Girl, 13, achieves wheelchair backflip

Trump NFL row: What does #TakeAKnee mean?

The fishermen saving Pakistan's island dogs

Living with violence in the DR Congo

Man clings to train's windscreen wiper in Australia

A modern muse: The enduring appeal of Audrey Hepburn

Killer whales join in on Norway surfing competition

'I fell from the top of the jungle to save an eagle'

What's really driving Trump in his NFL feud?

German election: Just how right-wing is AfD?

Abandoned at Burning Man, bicycles now head for Houston and the Caribbean

Plastic: a victim of its own success?

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The neglected genius

Jeans giant Levi Strauss gets its mojo back

North Korea-US tensions: How worried should you be?

German election: A hollow victory for Angela Merkel

Arsenal 2-0 West Bromwich Albion

LeBron James says President Trump 'trying to divide through sport'

Fifa poppy ban: Gordon Strachan and Michael O'Neill want 'common sense'

Wuhan Open: Johanna Konta & Sloane Stephens lose in China

Ashes 2017-18: England squad - as chosen by BBC Sport users

Mica McNeill says British bobsleighers 'powered by the people'

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Daily Telegraph

Jeremy Corbyn accused of having an 'ostrich strategy' to anti-Semitism as Labour activists compare Israel to Nazi Germany

North Korea says Donald Trump has 'declared war'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make their first public appearance together 

US should 'negotiate with the Taliban' says cricketer turned politician Imran Khan

Venezuela accuses Donald Trump of acting 'as if he was the world’s emperor' at the UN

Children leaving school fatter than ever despite drop in early obesity 

Dozens of British fighters on the loose in Syria as Islamic State crumbles

5x5 bulletin for Monday 25 September: Listen to today's essential news from the Telegraph

Watch: Prince Harry holds hands with Meghan Markle at Invictus Games

Model Chloe Ayling kidnapped by slave traders invented case 'for publicity', court hears

National Trust to scrap feedback which asks whether visit was 'very enjoyable' as fewer people say 'yes'

'We will finally have our state': Iraqi Kurds vote in historic referendum on independence

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make first public appearance, in pictures

Michelin-starred chef in row with food hygiene inspectors over 'pink' chicken livers

Police chase laws to be reviewed amid fears officers are unable to tackle moped-riding criminals 

Lavinia Woodward: Oxford student 'too bright' for prison is spared jail for stabbing boyfriend

Former sergeant major who applied for 400 jobs still struggles to find work

Watch: How Donald Trump's anthem protest has divided America - with fans turning on their NFL heroes

Millennials don't get drunk because it's what 'older generation' did

Daughter stole almost £200,000 from her parents after they leave her in charge of their finances

Woman dubbed 'world's heaviest' dies aged 37 due to complications from her weight

Watch: Philip Hammond says he is 'personally 100 per cent behind' Theresa May

Emily Thornberry calls on Boris Johnson to prove he is the father of Brexit by taking a 'paternity test'

Cage director who refused to hand over mobile pin number at Heathrow is convicted of terrorism offence

Philip Hammond cautions SNP over possible income tax rise

Car salesman who claimed wife died in sex game gone wrong admits he killed her in row over money

'Loophole laywer' who specialises in driving offences escapes jail after telling judge her daughter is a victim of cyber bullying

Police investigate whether man was killed by python after his body was found alongside the pet snake

David Davis says there is 'no excuse for standing in the way of progress' as fourth round of Brexit talks open

Being a teenage mum 'saved me', says  Labour's shadow education secretary 

Prince Harry: Military families are 'role models' with values that are 'lacking' in modern world

Donald Trump calls on supporters to #StandForOurAnthem amid NFL backlash

Macron to pledge to plough on with Europe reforms despite German electoral setback

'Dearest Teddy': Sylvia Plath's love letters to Ted Hughes published for the first time

Ted Hughes, the 'brilliant, rugged Yorkshire poet' - new Sylvia Plath letter revealed

JK Rowling: The Labour Party has turned into a 'solipsistic personality cult'

Hero holidaymaker, 65, stops tour bus plunging over a 300ft precipice

Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison in 'sexting' case

Eurofighter pilot attempting loop-the-loop in front of his parents and girlfriend dies after crashing into sea

AfD co-leader walks out on party on day after German election success  

Japanese PM calls snap election in bid to shore up support and capitalise on chaotic opposition

Muslim surgeon stabbed outside mosque has 'totally forgiven' attacker

Wolves discovered living just outside Rome for first time in more than a century 

Philippines bans companies from forcing women to wear high heels at work

Stunning footage of Aurora Borealis captured by ISS

Meet Christopher Robin star Will Tilston who landed role in first ever audition

Health officials at odds over the safety of e-cigarettes, as TV ads launched

Church warden who defrauded £35k from restoration fund bought 76 bottles of wine for lunch 

Gary Numan: I live a normal life...'but in a castle with a swimming pool and a 20ft bronze dragon in the garden'

Labour officials wanted Jeremy Corbyn to 'walk on water' at Party conference

Donald Trump says NFL anthem protests have 'nothing to do with race' as fresh demonstrations follow Wembley stunt

Labour proposes debt cap that would see credit card companies forced to write off billions of pounds owed by customers 

Donald Trump expands travel ban to include North Korea

Ede & Ravenscroft accused of driving up graduation gown costs due to 'anti-competitive' business practices

John McDonnell makes light of Laura Kuenssberg's bodyguard as he vows to 'sort out' abusive activists 

Ralph Fiennes granted a Serbian passport, days after Colin Firth obtains Italian citizenship

Donald Trump latest approval rating and impeachment odds

How many people are killed by terrorist attacks in the UK?

How many nukes are in the world and what could they destroy?

How high is air pollution in your city and how does it compare to the most polluted cities in the world?

Do you live in a flood risk area and what to do if you are hit by a flood?

Archbishop of Canterbury caused moment of panic at wedding when he dropped the bride's ring

Parishioner shot dead and six others injured after masked gunman opens fire at Nashville church

Muslim surgeon stabbed outside mosque in 'hate crime'

North Korea 'blows up US aircraft carrier and jets' in new propaganda video

Pictures of the Day: 25 September 2017

British woman dies after being attacked by stray dogs in Greece

Rights to reproduce rugby creator's image up for sale 

Prince Harry challenged by Singaporean Isil militant: 'Why don’t you come here and fight us'

Spanish government accused of interfering in judicial proceedings to discredit Catalonian politicians

The 8 things you might have missed this weekend

UK weather forecast: What will it be like today in your area?

Seven terror plots foiled in six months, Sadiq Khan reveals 

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North Korea threatens to shoot down US planes

Nuclear war isn't North Korea's only threat

US Supreme Court cancels travel ban arguments

How Germany's far-right surged to victory in 4 graphics

Merkel's bruising election makes coalition building tricky

Showdown over NFL protests moves to Monday night

4 reasons Trump thinks NFL players are a good target (and 1 big reason he's wrong)

Kurdish referendum: Iraq parliament OKs use of force to maintain 'unity'

Kurds feel world has abandoned them

Trump's new travel ban still doesn't fly

Venezuela calls new travel ban 'psychological terrorism'

Japan PM calls snap election amid high poll ratings

No power and a dam on the brink: 'humanitarian crisis' looms in Puerto Rico

After 15 years in vegetative state, man responds to treatment

Man clings to front of train moving at 68mph

Fears grow Bali volcano is about to erupt

Pope Francis accused of spreading heresy -- a first since 1333 AD

Russian couple 'killed, ate up to 30 victims'

Weiner jailed in sexting case that rocked US election

Is sex addiction real? Depends on whom you ask

'World's heaviest woman' dies

The iOS 11 secret features worth knowing

NFL owners donated big money to Trump

Fact vs. fiction: the US national anthem in sports

Uber CEO apologizes to Londoners

Why China's Uber is investing in used cars

White House stonewalls over Russia probe records

Jared Kushner used private email at White House

McCain: My cancer is 'very, very serious'

Rapper wants to prove the Earth is flat once and for all

Hepburn dress expected to make $100,000

Happiness may be healthier for some cultures than others

The man who played football in North Korea

The reinvention of business class

Red Bull Racing to race under new name from 2018

Alfa Romeo spices up the family SUV

When a $10M bonus feels 'weird'

London architect fights climate change with timber high-rises

Is cheese healthy?

Tiger Woods has no timetable for return

Abandoned wrecks from around the world

A peek inside New York's Poster House museum

Why do humans long for gems?

Soon all of Hong Kong's dolphins will be dead

Spaces aim to help boost creativity

White House fires back: No we didn't

Kim Jong Un is a 'madman,' Trump tweets

How much damage can North Korea's weapons do?

US stealth fighter jets adding more firepower

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The Economist

Assortative mating: Marital choices are exacerbating household income inequality

GDP forecasts

Unwinding QE: The case against shrinking the Fed’s balance-sheet

The Economist explains economics: How supply can create its own demand

Doing good well: Why America’s overseas aid agency needs reform

Just the job: Ever more Indians are struggling to find work

Tracking changes: Egypt is making renewed efforts to reform its economy

Paradise lost: How Hurricane Irma will change the Caribbean

Free exchange: Stanley Fischer and the twilight of technocracy

Switching to autopilot: The Fed prepares for its balance-sheet—and its board—to shrink

Generation games: Great strides have been made against disease and poverty

Youth unemployment

The global economy: Will credit cause a slowdown?

Underserved and overlooked: Digital technology can make financial struggles easier to manage

Free exchange: Governments need to rethink their attitudes to debt

Salute!: Some good news from Italy

The Economist explains: How Australia broke the record for economic growth

Border terriers: A survey finds support for both globalisation and import tariffs

The Economist explains: Why it is so difficult to measure inflation

Christian Lindner on Germany: What would the FDP do?

Kaffeeklatsch: An interview with Christian Lindner

Wave of re-migration: Eastern Europe’s wave of emigration may have crested

Bagehot: In Britain, Atlas is about to shrug

Populism in America: The future of Bannonism

Fear of finance: Financial stability is a growing concern of central banks

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Washington Post

NBC’s Megyn Kelly experiment unveils its latest creation: A morning-show Bride of Frankenstein

The NFL beat Trump. Soundly.

As NFL teams offer a rebuke to the president, Trump takes another shot at the league this morning

Tom Brady takes issue with Trump: ‘I certainly disagree with what he said’

Russians used Facebook ads to try to exploit divisions over black political activism and Muslims

New GOP health-care bill in jeopardy as Sen. Rand Paul expresses opposition

Cassidy on new health-care plan: ‘It’s not for Susan, it’s for the Mainers’

Analysis: 7 ways the latest health-care effort is impulsive and chaotic

North Korean envoy calls Trump’s rhetoric ‘a declaration of war,’ threatens to shoot down U.S. bombers

The Trump administration guide to peaceful protests

I lost everything waiting for disability assistance. And I'm not the only one.

Just when you think Republicans can't get more irresponsible ...

Of course stars should weigh in on politics. What else is celebrity good for?

Muhammad Ali shows why brain disease won’t keep football players off the field

On Jared Kushner's emails, the real problem is the media's hypocrisy

Supreme Court postpones hearing on Trump’s travel ban

Former U.S. congressman Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in federal prison

Air traffic slowly returns to Puerto Rico, but dire conditions continue after Maria

U.S. allies accuse Russia of strikes in eastern Syria 

Equifax manages 1,200 times more data than the Library of Congress. That’s why people are so worried

Appeals court gives Texas more latitude to enforce ‘sanctuary cities’ ban

The 10 best places to eat cheaply in the D.C. area

The African American Museum a year later: Still the hottest ticket in town

Playful and poetic: The children of the Cheyenne River Reservation

What’s in the path of Hurricane Maria

Take a peek inside D.C. area designers’ homes

See some of the entries in National Geographic’s 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year contest

Photos from the Surf City Surf Dog contest

Republicans' latest last-ditch attempt to repeal Obamacare is another legislative mess

Trump has picked fights over the flag before. But this time was different.

The countries added to Trump's immigration ban don't have very much terrorism

White House: It's not Trump's fault that his NFL tweets are a distraction. It's the media's.

Kurds in Iraq vote in historic independence referendum 

Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in federal prison

North Korea asserts a right to shoot down U.S. bombers

U.S. allies accuse Russia of strikes in eastern Syria 

Violent crimes and murders increased in 2016 for a second consecutive year, FBI says

Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico's radar, a critical tool for forecasting

Air traffic slowly returns to Puerto Rico, but dire conditions continue after Maria

The 'questionable questions' on today's standardized tests

We're under constant threat of cyberattack, and Congress isn't prepared to do anything about it

Could everyone please stop freaking out about college students, please?

Democrats, don't make the same mistake Republicans keep making

I lost everything waiting for disability assistance. And I'm not the only one.

Small-business owners in Purple Line’s path worry about being forced to move

Poll: Hogan’s approach to Trump is popular. But his approval rating has fallen slightly.

PM Update: Clouds increase tonight, and they'll help keep us a little cooler Tuesday

Montgomery County business owners divided over effects of a $15 minimum wage

Dwyane Wade is no longer a Chicago Bull. So where should he play next?

The door to NBA superstardom is open. Is this the season John Wall pushes through?

Wizards gather for season, lacking Markieff Morris but confident they can tough it out

Capitals' Tom Wilson won't change his physical play because of suspension

HGTV is a starmaking network. Will this small-town couple be the next Chip and Joanna?

‘Law & Order’ applies its style to true crime, but ‘Menendez Murders’ lacks allure

Melania Trump hosts her first event in the garden Michelle Obama founded

Carolyn Hax: How to let go of bitterness of not being able to have another child

Washington National Opera lands a star: Timothy O’Leary to become general director

Banned Books Week: Why are illustrated books being challenged more than ever?

An elephant who texted for help and other tales of animals on the move

How do you get an audience excited for opera? It’s the vision thing.

President Trump wants protectionist measures against Chinese solar power. That's going to hurt U.S. firms.

Teenage suicide is extremely difficult to predict. That's why some experts are turning to machines for help.

Yes, Twitter can reject this anti-abortion group’s ads for displaying ‘sensitive content’

This underwater 'Ironman' jetpack lets you swim faster than Michael Phelps

Trump's tax 'reform' looks like tax cuts for the rich

Equifax manages 1,200 times more data than the Library of Congress. That’s why people are so worried.

Walmart’s holiday gift to employees: Longer hours

Lack of inventory doesn't tell full story of Washington's real estate market

Whistleblowers at U.S. funded research institutions fear retaliation

Trump could learn from federal employee Service to America Medal winners

Federal court denies cash awards to 22 million OPM data theft victims

Induction of union-busting Reagan into Labor's Hall of Honor shocks union

Charles Bradley, singer known as the ‘Screaming Eagle of Soul,’ dies at 68

Edgar H. Smith, death row inmate whose release was championed by William F. Buckley Jr., dies at 83

Daniel Yankelovich, pollster whose findings drove corporate, government policy, dies at 92

Bernie Casey, football star-turned-actor, dies at 78

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